Mobile Agent Platform for Sun SPOTs


Latest version (MAPS 1.1 release), source code and documentation are available for free download at our Google Code Project.

Get involved

We welcome contributions from all users, including bug reports and fixing, suggestions, and sub-projects of MAPS.
Proposals for new sub-projects should be sent via e-mail to: 'sgalzarano(at)deis(dot)unical(dot)it' by specifying a short workplan with a description of the new functionalities, the impact on existing code, and the expected time for the first stable release.

About the MAPS Licence

MAPS is a free software and it is distributed in open source under the terms of the LGPL (Lesser General Public Licence Version 2).

The LGPL license keeps all contributors to the same level relative to each other and it respects and protects both the users and the authors. In the following you can have a fast and rough idea of rights and duties of this license but, please, refer to the official LICENSE file for more details and legally precise information.
In particular, LGPL assures right to:
- make and distribute copies of SPINE;
- have access to the software source code;
- make improvements to the program;
- incorporate SPINE into a proprietary program.

The LGPL mandates also some duties, in particular:
- to not keep modifications private;
- to not change the license of SPINE and its modifications.