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Mobile Agent Platform for Sun SPOTs


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are emerging as powerful platforms for distributed embedded computing supporting a variety of high-impact applications. However programming WSN applications is a complex task which requires suitable paradigms and technologies capable of supporting the specific characteristics of such networks which uniquely integrate distributed sensing, computation and communication. Mobile agents are a distributed computing paradigm based on code mobility that has already demonstrated high effectiveness and efficiency in IP-based highly dynamic distributed environments. Due to their intrinsic characteristics, mobile agents may provide more benefits in the context of WSNs than in conventional distributed environments.

MAPS (Mobile Agent Platform for Sun SPOTs) is an innovative Java-based framework for WSNs based on Sun SPOT technology which enables agent-oriented programming of WSN applications. The MAPS architecture is based on components which interact through events. Each component offers a minimal set of services to mobile agents which are modeled as multi-plane state machines driven by ECA rules. In particular, the offered services include message transmission, agent creation, agent cloning, agent migration, timer handling, and easy access to the sensor node resources.

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Latest News

  • 2012.06.01 - New MAPS Website!
    MAPS moved to a brand new website! Source code and mailinglists are now accessible through the corresponding Google Code project site.